Why Fashion is Important

Fashion matters to not only an individual but also an entire society and economy. The problem with society today is the fact that people associate fashion with perfect-bodied models walking down a stage with ridiculously expensive clothes. This is just the tip of the iceberg and not a clear representation of what fashion is about.

Fashion has been in our societies, nations, and cultures since the very beginning. Fashion is something that is global, employing more than 57 million workers in developing countries. Today, we will talk about why fashion is important. You will learn that there is a lot more to fashion that you didn’t know.

1. Self-expression

Everyone uses fashion to express their personality since what you wear conveys a story. Your footwear, clothes, and accessories will show how you perceive the world and what you want to tell the world. Self-expression is essential in today’s and its time that you showcase yourself.

2. Creating an excellent first impression

The catchy first impression is essential in several aspects, including landing that job or getting to the second date. With an excellent first impression, you already have the attention of a room or person before you start expressing yourself. Have you tried putting on sweatpants on a first date? Let me tell you right now; it doesn’t go well. You appear as a lazy, self-entitled individual.

3. Increases creativity

There is no law or rule when it comes to fashion. You are only limited by your imagination since fashion is considered as an open statement. There are so many themes that you get to pick and accessories that you can use. You get a clean canvas to create whatever feels good to you and expresses your emotion and personality.

4. Enhances the economy

One of the most revenue-generating industries in both developing and developed countries is the fashion industry. 80% of the 57 million people employed by fashion in developing countries are women. Now, how great is that? The beauty with the fashion industry is that it helps to ensure that other sectors can thrive too.

5. Boosts confidence

Understand that you are defined by what you wear. This makes it essential to wear something that you feel comfortable in because it will significantly boost your confidence. Walking into the office, feeling confident will help you become more productive.

6. Campaigns for diversity and versatility

There is a fashion for every occasion, personality, setting, culture, sensibility, physical feature, and so much more. Everyone has something, and we get to appreciate the diversity of life. If you look closely, you will realize that everyone has a style statement. Sometimes you might not even notice your style statement, but others do.


These are just some reasons why fashion is important and not the entire list. Fashion does a lot, including reflecting religion, embracing talent, preserving history, uniting the globe, and so much more. There is no wrong and right when it comes to fashion, and you need to start showcasing yourself today.